BROKEN DISHES is a quilting musical comedy troupe established in 1994. Friends and creative partners Ann Anastasio and Lani Longshore have been writing songs, choreographing dance moves, making quilts, and all around entertaining quilt guilds ever since!

 Ann Anastasio
Lani Longshore

  • April 2011: Ann and fiber artist Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak collaborated to start the annual Art Quilt Santa Fe, a quilt and fiber art workshop and retreat. This year's program featured Linda Schmidt, Michelle Jackson, and entertainment was provided by Broken Dishes!
  • April 2011: Lani and Ann just released their long-awaited novel, "Death by Chenille"! A comedic tale of plucky heroines (quilters, of course), aliens disguised as bolts of fabric, and a hunky delivery man, this creative romance-science-fiction novel will be sure to entertain you this summer. Secure your own copy now to print or download to your e-reader.