The Plots

Choose your musical comedy experience from one of the four plots listed below.
Each performance includes a story, songs, and 30 quilts!

Do You See What I See?

We read the same quilt books, listen to the same guild lectures, shop at the same quilt stores. You would never believe it to look at our quilts. We'll share over 35 years of quilting experience with you in this trunk show.

What WAS She Thinking?

Our heroines put their quilts in a new gallery show, only to discover they have to write their own artist's statements, and tell the world what inspired their art. From the sublime to the silly, there's a story behind every quilt!

Four Score and Ten Quilts Ago, More or Less

The quilt show opens in less than a week, but the chairwoman can't finish the job. Watch the fun (and the quilts) as our two quilting heroines find themselves unexpectedly in charge.

Applique A Santa Sleigh

Heighten your holiday enjoyment! We'll sing songs, we'll show quilts. What more do you need? Sit back and relax!