The Workshops

The Guilt Quilt

Have you vowed that you aren't going to buy any more fabric until you whittle down your stash? Here's the workshop for you! Using just squares and rectangles, we'll show you how to make something lovely out of fabric you no longer love (some trading of fabric allowed.) Warning! DO NOT BUY ANY NEW FABRIC FOR THIS WORKSHOP!
Background Bonanza

Using a few traditional patterns as building blocks, we will show you how to construct a fabulous background for fusible applique

There's a Quilt In There Somewhere

Do you have a wonderful fabric you have never been able to use in a quilt? Bring it! We'll give you suggestions and examples that will tap into your own creativity to a plan a quilt around that special fabric.
Birthday Button Cake

Our easy and elegant pattern will be a treasured family heirloom. We have a special system to keep your quilt personalized and up-to-date.

All Workshops are 6 hours. View fees and expenses here